…building a better, fairer future, for all of us

What is imagine2027?

We want to build a coherent, workable and attractive vision of a fairer and more prosperous society – to make more egalitarian policies and approaches seem not only politically viable, but actually attractive.  Join us!  Bring your imagination and positivity to this project.

  • From autumn 2017 to summer 2018 we’re holding a dozen events at which nationally-recognized thought-leaders give personal, positive views on how Britain can be better and fairer in 2027, with plenty of time for your comments and discussion afterwards.
  • In autumn 2018, we’ll publish a Compendium based on the talks, setting out a coherent, holistic vision of the fairer future within our reach.
  • We’ll then hold a National Convention on how to make this vision a reality.

To create a better society, first we must imagine it.


Why do this?

A good society has no slaves, no underclass.  Everyone has a fair chance and a fair share.  Yet in Britain today, nothing is fair anymore.  Everything is connected – we need to look holistically at fairer sharing of:

  • FINANCIAL RESOURCES and security, wealth, income, liability to taxation
  • POLITICAL INFLUENCE, rights to be heard, freedom from interference, and access to justice
  • OPPORTUNITY, education and social mobility
  • SOCIAL INCLUSION, status and participation in work
  • LIVING CONDITIONS, housing, health and access to services.

Opportunity is shared unfairly, outcomes keep it like that.  Inequality is getting worse, and  this hurts all of us.  ‘Economic growth’ is helpful – but not when the gains all go to the top.  Collective wellbeing depends far more on how the fruits of prosperity are shared out.  When we share our prosperity, we also share our values, respect, experiences, and spaces.

Wellbeing is infectious.  We flourish together, or our society rots. A thriving country is at heart a community, not a business. A society is not a zero-sum game but a collaborative venture in which fairer sharing raises the well-being of everyone. Prosperity follows.

It’s your future. Join the conversation.


imagine2027 is an initiative of The Cambridge Commons (“TCC”), a group focused on raising awareness of inequality in Cambridge, in collaboration with the Labour History Research Unit of Anglia Ruskin University. TCC is the local affiliate of The Equality Trust.   Our Terms and Conditions are here.