Everyone has a right to put their point of view to those in power – so in theory there’s nothing wrong with lobbying. In fact, it’s an important part of democracy and has resulted in improvements to health, the environment and human rights. But what happens when it all gets out of balance and lobbyists assume untrammelled power through money and contacts that aren’t generally available to the public?

This is the question Tamasin Cave addresses when she speaks to Imagineers on 21 June. An author and campaigner on the dangers and distortions brought about by corporate lobbying, Cave has been called a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but also ‘generally right’.  She currently blogs at badinfluence.net, which looks at the private sector influence on the public services for which everyone pays. For the past decade, she has been part of Spinwatch.org, a non-profit that led the campaign for transparency regulations for lobbyists in the UK.

Find out what happens when lobbyists have just ‘A Quiet Word’ (also the name of Cave’s 2015 book on ’Crony Capitalism and Broken Politics’) in the ears of those who govern us and who are supposedly accountable to the electorate.

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