Intergenerational inequality is not only a subject of academic debate, but a source of misunderstanding and grievance that fuels the increasing divisions of society.  But taking a simplistic approach is not going to make things any better by 2027: it’s not just a question of ‘The baby boomers snatched our inheritance’ versus ‘Young people today are snowflakes who have no staying power’. In fact, when older and younger people live and talk together, such irresponsibly promulgated myths are quickly exposed for what they are.

However, this does not mean there’s no problem, but that it needs a fresh look at where the issues really lie. This is what David Willetts of the Resolution Foundation will offer Imagineers on 31 May, when he presents a personal – and positive – vision of the current situation and how it can change. He will then lead a conversation enabling everyone to join in the search for a way of living that allows young and old to draw on each other’s strengths and ditch the ‘blame game’.

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