After packed houses for Ann and Danny last month (see podcasts page if you missed them), we’ve got three more this month: Michael Marmot tonight (already sold out sadly), and then Helen Margetts talking on the fascinating, scary and hugely relevant subject of how social media and big data are making ‘us’ the product, selling us shoes and political messages as if they were the same thing – and more importantly, what she thinks we can do about it to ensure that ‘we the people’ remain in charge of our own destinies, a vital part of the equality agenda.  Finally, as Christmas looms, comedian and commentator Ava Vidal will be sharing her views on what we need to ensure that one battle for equality (feminism) doesn’t interfere with another (racism).  One of the key messages of imagine2027 is that everything is connected to everything else, and Ava will address this head on.