Imagine a world where the media were unbiased, based their stories on facts and evidence, and were neither in thrall to politicians nor dependent on celebrities for news and endorsement. Sounds fantastic? The best of UK media can rightly claim that they already fulfil most of these criteria, but the worst (and arguably most powerful) make greater equality almost impossible by exacerbating conflict and misunderstanding. Can our broken broadcasts and pestilent press be cured?

Zoe Williams was 2013’s Print Journalist of the Year for the Speaking Together Media Awards, 2011’s Columnist of the Year at the Workworld awards and has appeared on various current affairs and discussion shows. She writes for The Guardian, the Spectator, the New Statesman, NOW Magazine, and the London Evening Standard. On 28 June Williams will asking Imagineers how we can fix our media for a more equal 2027,  and giving some clues to the answers.

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