Well that was something.  Kate Raworth is about as sunny and bubbly a person as you could hope to meet, and yet when she speaks her mind, you know you’ve heard.  She calls herself a renegade economist, though it wouldn’t be ridiculous to call her a messiah, because her book on Doughnut Economics (see her bio) is thorough, and thoroughly original.  It’s not the ingredients – almost everything she includes is known.  It’s the arrangement, the synthesis, and the conclusions.  In brief, we’re getting it all wrong, we’re heading for disaster, and we can do something about it.  But what we have to do is think, and shift.  The goods news is that while shifting may be uncomfortable, because we have to adjust how we behave a lot, the place we arrive at is not only sustainable (we get to a future where there is a future), but also in so many ways a better place to be than where we are now.  It’s going to take a lot of work so shift attitudes and action, but Kate’s work has laid out a very clear blueprint.