We’re delighted to announce two further speakers to cover two vital topics – how the corporate world misfunctions, and how our media fail us, and what we can do about each of these to bring about a fairer country over the next decade.

Tamasin Cave is a campaigner who has worked tirelessly to expose how corporate power is all too often misused to the advantage of the business interest and the detriment of public services, customers, employees.  Zoe Williams is an astute and experienced observer of how media operate to give a powerful voice to some while denying others that power or even meaningful protection under law against the exercise of that power, and how media owners set the agenda rather than reporting on it, and influence our political servants.

We can’t expect that our country will become as open and fair as we’d like it to be, while two such powerful sets of actors can proceed so effectively and with so little scrutiny and accountability, to achieve their own objectives at our cost, and often largely in the shade.  Zoe and Tamasin are both eloquent advocates for change.  These two events will be fascinating, and together with the widely respected David Willetts of the Resolution Foundation (on fairness between generations), will provide a powerful and stimulating climax to the imagine2027 programme as we all head for our 2018 summer breaks!