IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… people of all kinds feel part of one society, enjoying life together and treating problems as joint problems

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… society has a gentler gradient, reducing stress, anxiety, mental illness and self-medicating consumerism

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… happiness and wellbeing are the primary goals, not personal wealth and status which are no use in themselves

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… each sees that his own wellbeing depends strongly on that of others, and is achieved more effectively together.

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… where everyone feels included and treated with dignity, is listened to and able to influence what affects them

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… everyone can develop their talents, has a reasonably equal chance to use them, and can survive a stumble

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… everyone has financial security from a little wealth (instead of debts), and a secure income high enough to get beyond struggling

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE… public goods like clean air and justice are there for all, not just the wealthy, and people willingly pay tax to achieve this

How can I help (aside from attending Events)?


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 We can use your help and skills on our speaker events programme – in maintaining the website, liaising with speakers, fundraising, planning, running and stewarding events, capturing photographic and video records, editing Podcasts, transcribing events to text, blogging, social media and much else.

We also welcome you getting involved in the next stages of imagine2027 – we are looking at a Compendium publication, and in due course planning and staging Convention.  But much else besides – forums, tools to engage schools, linking with other groups locally and nationally, and so on.  Help us do this!

Training is available, so don’t feel you have to bring skills, though if you already have them, that’s even better. Imagine2027 will at least to the end of 2018, so there’s a good chance to get involved longer-term, but even if you only have a few hours now, every little helps and we can usually find a task that suits you. To find out more, email

imagine2027 is just one initiative of The Cambridge Commons which engages more widely in research and campaigns against inequality in Cambridge, and is the local affiliate of The Equality Trust which does this nationally.  Do consider joining the Cambridge Commons, and work together with us to make the case for equality in and around the city and bring influence to bear on the new Mayor, the City and County councils and private businesses to end the inequalities that shame us all.  If you want to register your interest in volunteering for The Cambridge Commons, click here.


We welcome individual donations to help meet the cost of staging Imagine2027. You can donate via EventBrite when you reserve a place at an event. You can also donate here…



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